Letter to My Loving Parent

Dear Loving Parent,
     Be with me as I struggle,
     Embolden me when I feel fear,
     Embrace me when I feel unlovable,
     Reassure me when I feel I'm not enough,
     Stay by my side when I feel I don't belong,
     Show me warmth when I feel anxious,
     Show me grace when I'm indecisive or make the wrong choice,
     Be shocked when I question my existence,
     Hold my hand and listen when I feel unimportant,
     Be gentle and comfort me when I feel shame,
     Be fiercely defensive of me when I don't feel my value,
     Shower me with humor and playfulness,
     Remind me that I am right where I should be and that everything I feel is normal, 
          but it is not all to be believed,
     Reiterate that I am not my thoughts,
     Help me surrender so that I can release my false core beliefs.

Photo:  Seen in a studio in Lenox, MA.  Taken by LA on 2.13.22

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