This is what I know today about control and my occasional desire to have it:

It's an illusion.
I'm not that powerful.
I don't have it over others or their actions or their choices.
People are going to do what they're going to do.
I am not responsible for anyone but me.
I can't will, want, lead or persuade anyone to do anything they're not ready to do.
What I want is not always what is best for me.
I don't have all the information and I can't see what my future holds.
When I focus on my work, I don't have time to focus on others'.
My time is better spent on pleasurable activities.
If I do for others, I rob them of the opportunity to grow.
I still cannot guarantee the outcome I want.
It's an illusion.

Photo:  Chicago, 5.26.19 by LA

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