Manifesting Wants and Needs

We manifest what we want and need in life by preparing our minds, bodies and hearts to receive those things. We get clear on exactly what changes we want and what possessions or circumstances we need. We write down our desires and speak them aloud. We meet our eyes in the mirror and affirm what we crave. We aren’t quiet, humble, modest or striving for martyrdom. We know we are worthy and deserving of that which we seek.

Then we let go. We conduct ourselves daily with the belief that when the time is right, we will have our abundance. Throughout our days, we are open to people, experiences and conversations. We listen closely to our intuition and our bodies. We do not force or push or control or manipulate. We remind ourselves to surrender to the Universe, Higher Power, God or whatever we believe to be bigger than we are. We are responsible for ourselves only and when we make up our minds to have something better, different, deeper, bolder, new, or next level, it will come.

Photo: Hudson River Valley, NY. 7.18.22 by LA

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