A Heavy Heart

My heart is heavy today,
My mind reeling,
My body agitated.
The world is full
Of hatred,
Of violence,
Of discord,
Of division,
Of absolutes,
Of strong opinions
That hold no compassion,
Or understanding,
Or love,
Or empathy,
Or curiosity,
Or openness,
Or doubt
That what one believes
May not be right,
May not be the only way,
May not be the answer,
May not be God's will,
May not be for everyone,
May not need to be challenged
On their thinking,
On their beliefs,
On their upbringing,
On their religion,
On their cultural norms,
On the ways it's always been done.
My heart craves peace.
My mind craves peace.
My body craves peace.
All I can do is show up,
Day after day,
Moment to moment,
And question,
And challenge,
And think,
And reflect, 
And talk,
And listen.

Photo:  Journal Burn, New Jersey.  9.1.22 by LA

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