Tea Ritual

Measuring the mood,
What lies ahead and what’s gone by,
The tea is chosen.
Mindful, in the moment.
The vessel is next,
A most perfect mug,
My college, their college, this trip, that gift?
Mindful, in the moment.
The water, filtered, cascades into kettle,
Through loose leaves,
Embodying shape.
Mindful, in the moment.
Brew begins, black this time,
Machine hums to life,
Eyes close, body scan begins.
Relaxing forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth.
Shoulders, arms, wrists, fingers,
Mindful, in the moment.
Tea transfers to mug, golden liquid and steam,
Aroma full and soothing, 
Touch of honey so sweet.
Mindful, in the moment.
Now couch and blanket,
Candle and fire,
Sit, sip,
Mindful, in the moment.
This is my ritual,
My daily promise to myself.

Photo:  Mug on Rug, Flemington, NJ.  1.26.18 by LA

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