Sometimes puppies 
     scamper about, stumbling and bumbling,
     feet and brains not quite connected,
     so as to zig zag about,
     with no real sense of direction or purpose.

Sometimes puppies
     miss their heap of siblings,
     and look to their new humans,
     for a snuggle and a head tuck,
     warmth and security in this new place called "home."

Sometimes puppies
     are naughty, looking for trouble, 
     easily bored, equally curious,
     about the taste of this, the feel of that,
     as they learn and navigate the world around them.

Sometimes puppies
     give more than they receive,
     love more than they are adored,
     see the fun where others see none,
     and soothe the human soul.

Sometimes puppies
     are all we need.

Photo:  Flemington, NJ.  11.25.22 by LA

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