Affirmations and Empowerment

I start my day, nearly every day, by reading LETTING GO, DAILY MEDITATIONS, by Melody Beattie. There is rarely a morning that her message does not resonate with me; help me look deeper within, uncover truths wanting to be told (or wishing they could stay hidden), set an intention for the day, or grow my compassion and empathy. Yesterday and today were two big hitters, Empowerment and Affirmations. I am combining them here as I grow a bigger idea.

Typically I read the whole passage, usually more than once. I might jot down some words the second time through, and then I just free write what comes up for me. I may borrow a word here or there, but I do not copy the entry into my journal. Empowerment was different. I copied the affirmation at the bottom word for word. “Today I will treasure the gift of my mind. I will do my own thinking, make my own choices, and value my opinions. I will be open to what others think, but I will take responsibility for myself. I will ask for and trust that I am being guided by Divine Wisdom.” I needed just those words said in just that way. To be read over and over. Then I used her words again to write the following mantra for myself:

I can think!
I can make good decisions!
I can make choices that are good for me!
I can make mistakes and not be a mistake!
I can make a new decision with new information.
I can change my mind.

I combined that reading with today's reading, "Affirmations."  I could see that the message I needed to hear today was that I have affirmed my thinking and beliefs about Self, Others and World from the time I was small, but they did not serve me.  So much time and energy was wasted on assumptions, catastrophizing, and false core beliefs.  Where attention goes, energy flows and that which we expend energy on, we empower.  

So I CAN think, I CAN make decisions, I CAN choose what I think about, I CAN choose how I think.  And I can choose to invest in positive thoughts that honor and value Me, my wants, my needs, my desires, and my peace.

Photo:  Plovdiv, Bulgaria. 1.17.22.  By GEC

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