The Cardinal

“Look at the cardinal!” my mother would exclaim,
As she had a hundred times before,
And always with the same awe and delight,
Washing dishes at the kitchen picture window.

Her favorite bird, she wore it on sweaters, scarves and pins,
A warm pop of color on a cold winter day,
A sign of joy for her many blessings,
And hope for what would come.

Daughter, Sister, Wife, Teacher, Volunteer,
Mother of 4, Grandmother of 11, Great Grandmother of 2,
She departed this world as Fall settled around us,
Just short of 90 years on Earth.

Not able to imagine a world without this woman,
Grief, sadness, and disbelief descended upon us
Even as, clinging together, we recalled,
The care, the laugh, the memories.

A cardinal now graces my Christmas tree, 
A remembrance of her love, loyalty, and generosity,
A push to live well, love well, and be grateful,
And a reminder that my mother lives on within us.

Photo:  Flemington, NJ.  Dec. 23, 2022 by LA

2 responses to “The Cardinal”

  1. She lives forever in your heart and mind.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for sending me the link to this touching memory of your mother.


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