The “Write” Tool

Sometimes a barrier to writing is as simple as not having the right tools. I like to play by experimenting with different implements. Sometimes I like the feel of a scratchy pencil across the page. Recently I’ve discovered the marvel of erasable pens. Color helps me organize and emphasize. Colored, erasable pens are a game changer at times! Purple pens are always my go to, seeming to pull the creativity from deep within my reserves. Red pens are a reminder of marked up high school essays and tend to shut me down. What I love is choice, surrounding myself with options, and finding the right tool for the right job! Sometimes it’s as simple as that!

Photo: Flemington, NJ. 1.6.23 by LA

One response to “The “Write” Tool”

  1. Right on. The colored pencils help set the creative endeavour.

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