Message from My Necklace

On my 50th birthday, my best friend and college roommate gave me a simple pearl necklace. I’ve only taken it off 3 or 4 times in the almost 4 years I’ve had it. It was such a special gift to me and in a recent writing class, I asked the group to write for 1 minute about something they were wearing. I wrote the above introduction. Then I asked them to write for 2 minutes as if they were the object. This is what I wrote:

“I’ve got you. I’m right here. You are not alone. You are loved and cherished and appreciated. I am above your heart, your center, your core, your essence. I am with you. Always. You can count on me.

Her gift to me is the 36 year friendship we’ve had, symbolized by this perfect pearl.

Photo: Flemington, NJ. 1.14.23 by LA

One response to “Message from My Necklace”

  1. Such an amazing pearl necklace. ..Anita

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