Hope’s Triumph

Jelly legs,
Sweaty palms,
Jittery belly,
Galloping heart,
Shallow breaths,
Rising panic.
Fear whispers of my weakness,
He is mindful of mistakes,
He advises against action,
He cautions against confidence,
He depletes desire,
He paralyzes positivity.
But he has an enemy,
One who stands up to his sneaky charade,
She is Hope.
Resting limbs,
Outstretched hands,
Satiated belly,
Peaceful heart,
Deep breaths,
Calming presence.
Hope whispers of wonder,
She is mindful of moments,
She advises acceptance,
She quiets criticism,
She fuels freedom,
She activates agency.

She reminds that Fear has its place;
He comes bearing information,
And strives for safety.
But he holds back,
Makes small,
Keeps stuck.
Hope reminds that better days are coming,
That how you feel now is not how you will always feel,
That where you are now is exactly where you are meant to be,
That you will keep going, at your own pace and in your own way,
And that you are unique and glorious and exactly what the world needs.

Poem inspired by Michael McPake's "A Triumph of Faith"

Photo:  Tuzigoot National Monument, Arizona, 12.26.22 by LA

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