6 Word Stories of Baby Bliss

My nephew is expecting his first!
We gathered together to celebrate Baby!
My sister hosted our whole family.
We showered him and his wife.
This is my brother's second grandchild.
It is Mom's second great grandchild.
She found out before she passed.
She was so excited for Baby.
The gift I gave was meaningful.
It was a gray nursing pillow.
My own pillow changed my experience.
It made nursing so much easier.
I loved nursing my three girls.
Eyes locked, we bonded and melded.
I played with their sweet toes.
Their hands grasped my finger tight.
I miss that time of life.
It's fun to watch this generation.
They are navigating parenthood their way.
I'm so grateful for my family.

Photo:  Booty and Sock Tree.  Alexandria, VA.  1.21.23 by LA

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