Re: Inspiration

This is a photo of the wall above the headboard in my bedroom. I look at it every single day and it brings me comfort, joy, and inspiration. The impetus of this work came from the kombucha bottle I was sipping from. It listed a multitude of words that began with the prefix re-. I loved the word choices and my then boyfriend and I launched into a discussion of their relevance in our lives. Soon a napkin was employed to collect more words. I don’t remember who or how, but the idea was hatched for him to paint this above my bed.

These words resonated 5 years ago and still do today. They never cease to inspire me.

Reframe:  in a more positive light or one that empowers rather than victimizes
Realign:  my core values, my self talk, my time and money
Refocus:  my attention, my thoughts, my mind, my priorities
Rethink:  my assumptions, my choices, my future "plan"
Reimagine:  who I am, what I want, what I'll become
Rebalance:  work and play, diet and exercise, sharing our children
Repurpose:  items as I moved from a larger home to a smaller one
Rediscover:  laughter, love, spontaneity, joy, freedom
Redefine:  my role, my self concept, my boundaries
Regain:  my sense of self trust, self worth, self love, and self acceptance
Restart:  a new life in a new home in a new town on my own
Reawaken: my senses, my desires, my wants and needs, my Self
Renew:  my commitment to Self, my confidence, my value, my worth

Photo:  Bedroom.  1.28.23 by LA

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