A reaction
To Conflict and Fear,
To a lack of Control,
To Problems we can't solve.
We Worry as though our knotted bellies
Can change the Outcome.
It is all Consuming,
Overtaking our Bodies and Minds,
Whispering "What if?" and "How could?" and "If only,"
Bringing Emotional and Physical Stress.

Step away from it now,
Quiet the chaos.
Find the Peace,
Look for it,
In our Breath,
In the Sun, the Wind, the Clouds.
Find it Within and Without,
Be in Harmony and Release.
Let.  Go.  

I wrote this after reading a thought provoking entry by Melody Beattie this morning that danced in my mind all day. I used to worry A LOT, even as a kid.  The term 'anxious' was sometimes used back then, but I rarely heard of someone experiencing 'anxiety.'  I'm grateful that today we recognize this powerful emotional and physical state.  When I am there, I try to move out of my thoughts, which can be very irrational, and move into my body and my surroundings to ground myself.  This line was my big takeaway today:  "Anxiety gives power to the problem, not the solution."  

3 responses to “Anxiety”

  1. I had such an anxious day today and I enjoyed this poem very much.

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    1. I’m so glad! I wish you peace tonight.

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  2. A wonderful and very relatable poem. “Anxiety gives power to the problem, not the solution.” Isn’t that the truth!

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