Like It Was Yesterday

We sat across from each other, my old friend and I, the wrinkles and gray hair fading away. All I could see was her bright smile, permed mullet and twinkling eyes, as she settled herself on my dorm room bed to hear “the scoop!” Thirty four years had gone by, but it felt like yesterday. We slipped right back into our easy back and forth, moving from our kids to our families to our mothers’ deaths this past year. As always, so in sync. So gentle, so loving, so real. No small talk needed to warm us up. We dove right in and picked up where we left off.

We kept in touch after college, attended each other’s weddings and baby showers and had some play dates when the kids were small. But life happens, the physical distance made it hard to have quick visits, and soon we were nothing but Christmas card correspondents. We set a date to get together a few years back, but Covid had other ideas about reuniting.

What I was reminded after many long and strong hugs goodbye is that Friendship is one of the world’s greatest Gifts. Friends carry each other’s stories and history. We love each other, depend and lean on each other, encourage one another. We laugh, cry, connect and inspire. Our history binds us and bonds us. We can bare our souls and be seen, because our friends desire nothing other. We want the best for each other, and support each other in the worst.

I am so grateful for this college friend, and all the friends I have collected along my journey and hold dear. They are truly my life blood. And as my girls are now young women, they feel more like good friends, too.

4 responses to “Like It Was Yesterday”

  1. Friendships where you pick up with no regard to the passage of time are the best.

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    1. I totally agree and am grateful to have so many of them!

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  2. What a lovely tribute to friendship. I’m seeing my old childhood friend this weekend and I’m looking forward to sitting across from her and feeling the years between us melt away.

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  3. This gave me goosebumps. I too have some beloved ones that I only meet once in a blue moon. But whenever we meet, it feels like we were never apart ….

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