Make Your Mess Your Message

That quote comes thirdhand from a podcaster* sharing the premise for another podcaster’s work. I heard it tonight while working out and it matched another quote from a previous podcaster talking about not saving your story until you reach the “Ta-da!” point. To me, the messy middle is why I write. I gain clarity and direction. I work through my thoughts and feelings. I write my way there.

It takes courage
To share from there
From the messy middle
From the front lines
From the hot bed of activity
Within and around
From the place where it doesn't make sense yet
Where it's not polished or articulate
But winds and bends
Is up and then down
Shows conviction and later doubt
From the place in between
Where you were and where you're going
Who you were and who you will be
It takes courage to face the uncertainty
The unknown, the fear, the pain
And share that story
Share that truth
So it becomes a beacon for others
Who are bogged down in their own
Messy Middles

*Quote from "Should We Stay and Fight, Leave, or Do Nothing?" WeCanDoHardThings by Abby Wambach about Robin Roberts and Glennon Doyle from a prior podcast speaking about her anorexia

Photo:  Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, AZ.  12.29.22 by LA

2 responses to “Make Your Mess Your Message”

  1. Messy Middles are where it’s at—this is where all the growth happens and I’m all for it. Show me the mess!

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