March Embodiment

My word of the year is EMBODIMENT and each month I try to let the word soak deeper into my being through reading, listening, and seeing where and how it resonates with me. I am enjoying savoring the word and its meaning in my life.

For this month, I've been focusing on these questions as I work on moving out of my head and into my body:

When I feel most myself...
Where am I?
Who am I with?
What am I doing?
What am I wearing?

The answers to these questions have almost always brought me outside into nature, in the woods or on a lake or down a path, comfortably dressed, alone or with a friend, with no headphones to block the sounds or distract from the sights.

Other times, I am in my bed, under a fluffy, white down comforter, in my jammies, puppies by my side, reading a book or gazing out the window.

My hair up in a messy bun, my clothes comfortable and roomy, I am doing something that engages me and takes me away from my thoughts of past or future, and I am alone or in the presence of a loved one.  

This month I am stopping to think about the ways I can drop out of my head and into my body.  I am engaging in the present moment, appreciating its sights, sounds, textures, colors, and scents, and enjoying the company of my authentic Self.

Photo:  My Place for Peace, Flemington, NJ.  1.2.23 by LA

3 responses to “March Embodiment”

  1. I love this for you. My therapist had me really work on envisioning something this past week, and I have been thinking about it since Tuesday. I love that you have a word dedicated to the year. My husband has a motto, “2023 is the year you worry about yourself.” He means mostly people filled with hate, but it applies more often than it would.

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  2. “I am stopping to think about the ways I can drop out of my head and into my body”—this is a wonderful thing to focus on. I just signed up for an online class to help me dig deeper into this very thing. I love your questions and will add them into my mix of journal prompts.

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    1. Ooh! Would love to hear more!

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