Her Last Day

I can tell right away that things have changed,
Something is different about her,
Hazel eyes locked on the ceiling,
She doesn't even sense me,
Shallow comes her breathing,
Her arms reach straight up,
Her lips-a smile,
Unknown words,
Eyes close,

An Etheree poem, starting at 10 syllables and working down to 1

Photo:  Mother's Day, May 8, 2022. Bridgewater, NJ.  by LA

4 responses to “Her Last Day”

  1. Beautiful and heartbreaking.

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  2. I really enjoyed reading this unique etheree poem. It’s fascinating how the poem starts at 10 syllables and then decreases to only 1. It certainly creates a beautiful flow and rhythm to the words. I was curious, what was the inspiration behind this touching poem?

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    1. I feel like I could write about my mom’s final weeks endlessly. In terms of the format, I randomly flip to a page in a children’s poetry book I have and try out the poem type. I love the inspiration and challenge.

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      1. Thanks for replying to my question. I like your process and can see how that can work.

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