The Universe Already Got There

Listening to a podcast* today, I heard the notion that there is nothing we can imagine, create, or experience that the Universe hasn’t already imagined, created or experienced. Poet Sarah Kay lamented that the Universe has already written the poem that you were going to write. I was mid-dip on the torturous dip/pullup machine at the gym when I heard this. I quickly finished my set, grabbed my phone and kept hitting the rewind 30 seconds icon to get back to that comment.

Both Sarah and I shared the same initial reaction: indignation, depression, disappointment, frustration. So is there nothing new to discover? Nothing new to contribute? Are we not actually creative beings, but rather Copycats or Wannabes?

But that isn’t it at all! Instead, there is a sense of peace and security in knowing that the Universe is all knowing, all seeing, omnipotent. There isn’t anything we can experience that hasn’t been experienced elsewhere. Our thoughts, feelings, visions, and imaginings are echoed throughout and are universal in their beauty, inspiration, pain, and grief. The Universe contains limitless examples of synchrony and awe, and it waits for us, invites us and welcomes us to the amazing show that is nature, science, art. It wants us to interpret and become awakened to the thing…the thing that it already knows and can’t wait for us to discover.

*Podcast: TED Radio Hour. Mind, Body, Spirit-Part 1. March 17, 2023.

8 responses to “The Universe Already Got There”

  1. I resonate deeply with this. Thank you – I needed this today …

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    1. I’m so glad! I love how our writing does that for one another!


  2. I love that the universe speaks to us. We just have to notice and take note. Her poem was a beautiful reminder that the universe is a wondrous place.

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    1. And a source of comfort! It knows just what we need, when we need it!


  3. Yes! Good poetry taps into the part within us that knows all the things—that synchrony and awe. I never tire of talking about the universe or our experiences as humans. Tapping into the vastness of knowledge is part of the challenge and the joy.

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    1. It is! And I like to think it’s all there for us to discover and view with awe. It’s what brings out our creativity. There’s such comfort in that!!

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  4. I remember posting on social media that we all think we’re so different, but really, we’re not. People were so incensed at this idea. I think we want to believe we’re separate and individual in so many ways, and the reality is…well, what you’ve shared here.

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    1. Such a great thought and hard to accept. We are made up of such individual traits and quirks and talents, but we haven’t invented anything that the Universe hasn’t seen, foreseen, or made possible for us! My take anyway!

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