The Tri

My first triathlon ever, and as day breaks, I'm both nervous and excited.

I lay out my equipment for each stage of the course,
Shorts and shirt, bike and helmet, towel, socks and sneakers.

I shimmy into my wetsuit and strap on my ankle timer,
Join my group at the water, ready for the signal,
Launching me into this trifecta of exhilaration, elevation and exhaustion!

This is a cherita poem, a 3 stanza poem that tells a story.  The 1st stanza has one line and sets the scene, the 2nd has two lines and the 3rd stanza has three.

2 responses to “The Tri”

  1. Nicely written! Sounds like a fun experience.

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    1. Yes! The first was the most memorable!m, for sure!

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