The Ladder

Women are…

	Our mothers, sisters, daughters,
	Grandmothers, aunts, nieces,
	Bosses, coworkers, employees,
	Lovers, friends, neighbors,
	Fellow humans.

	Not to be typecast,
	Pushed down or held back.
	Not to be manipulated,
	For another’s needs,
	Not to be objectified,
	For another’s pleasure,
	Not to be disrespected,
	For another’s amusement.

	Be careful the ones,
	You might think to overlook,
	Because they don’t fit the “mold,”
	They don’t play the “role,”
	They don’t “aim to please.”

	They’re rebelling,
	Breaking out,
	From centuries of conventions,
	That tell them they don’t matter,
	They’re less than,
	Not “attractive,”
	Not seen,
	Not heard,
	Not known.

	They are the future,
	Because when we set them free…
	We will ALL be free!

By LA.  3.22.23

After listening to a podcast featuring Sonya Renee Taylor, I was struck by her concept that our present social constructs are nothing but the imaginings of wealthy, older white men.  If women have hoped to attain and maintain any power and climb the ladder, they followed the "rules" for beauty, etiquette, and behavior that these men found desirable.  In doing so, they made their lives a little bit easier.  But they intentionally and unintentionally made the lives of those beneath them on the lower rungs of the ladder even harder.  Those who were not blonde, blue eyed, big bosomed and tiny waisted.  Those of color, of gender fluidity, of homosexuality.  Those with strong voices, creative minds, another idea of what makes a body beautiful.  I listened to that podcast several times and loved that the answer was to imagine something different.  To release ourselves from this narrow, misogynistic thinking and expand it to something broader, more welcoming, inclusive, and honoring of who we are at our core, not what our packaging looks like.  Imagine the revolution that would set all people free, not just women.

One response to “The Ladder”

  1. The truth. White men rule the world, but hopefully not for much longer.

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