National Poetry Month-Tuesday’s To Do List

  1. Linger in bed, relaxing feet up to face,
  2. Let puppy out and accept his love with grace.
  3. Eat protein at breakfast, you promised your body you would,
  4. Start your Pod Squad podcast for tomorrow? You probably should!
  5. Manage your work expectations and look to contribute,
  6. Pop home for lunch, and take dogs on their walk route.
  7. Attend the faculty meeting, complete with new format,
  8. Note your progress at PT-last week you couldn’t do that!
  9. Rush home to tutor, log on to the Zoom,
  10. Then join your meeting in a quiet room.
  11. It’s off to the gym, to work on your arms,
  12. Then shower and bed, you’ll soon hear morning alarms!

A List Poem

4 responses to “National Poetry Month-Tuesday’s To Do List”

  1. Nice rhyme and fun verse.

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    1. Thank you! Fun to write! And helpful to think through my day!

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      1. Yes, writing seems to be good for organizing thoughts and processing feelings.

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      2. It brings me such clarity! My favorite is when I start in one place and end up in quite a different one!

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