National Poetry Month-Friendship

friendship can be
the buoy you cling to
when the world looks out of focus
to you

A Cinquain Poem

Photo:  Henry and Spencer, 1.23.23.  Flemington, NJ by LA

3 responses to “National Poetry Month-Friendship”

  1. Beautiful poem! I completely resonate with the idea of friendship being a source of support during tough times. I was wondering, what inspired this particular piece of writing?

    mr. w

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    1. I have been blessed with many close and enduring friendships that have sustained me in the toughest of times. In addition to being blessed, I intentionally cultivate my relationships, putting time, effort, and energy into each of them.


    2. I also recently added a second dog to the family, and, although Henry was very resentful at first, these two have become the best of friends!


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