National Poetry Month-Caste Found Poem

Chapter 2:  An Old House and an Infrared Light

An invisible beam of light,
Searching layers the eye could not see,
An old house, its own kind of devotional,
Flaws left unattended.
Choose not to look at your own peril!
Whatever you are ignoring,
Will never go away,
Whatever is lurking,
Will fester.
Ignorance is no protection,
From the consequences of inaction.
Whatever you are wishing away,
Will gnaw at you.
Gather the courage,
To face what you would rather not see.
We are heirs,
To right or wrong.
Further deterioration
Is in our hands.

I created this poem by choosing words and phrases from the book CASTE by Isabel Wilkerson and arranging them to recreate her message, but at the same time broaden it to have multiple meanings beyond what she intended.

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