National Poetry Month: Ode to an Omelette

Good morning!  An omelette, please!
I'd like it with only egg whites.
Don't fear!  I'll take it to new heights,
Beginning with two kinds of cheese,
That I'll taste with every piece.
Let's stuff it with veggies galore,
Mushrooms, spinach, onions and more!
You think it's a challenge to chew?
Well, I've consumed more than a few!
See you next week for an encore!

A Decima Poem in honor of National Brunch Month!

4 responses to “National Poetry Month: Ode to an Omelette”

  1. I was just thinking, I do social media for a restaurant, and I need to start taking the month days and tying in poetry with this it. I already know so many of them. Like why did I not post something for Earth day? (Probably because I am a hot mess right now, but you know). I am going to lunch today with friends, so it is a small breakfast for me, but now you have me wanting an omelette, minus the onions.

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    1. Your comments always make me smile! Have a great lunch…maybe they’ll have an omelette!!

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  2. There’s nothing quite as satisfying in the morning as a nice veggie-filled omelette!

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    1. I am in total agreement!

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