National Poetry Month-Scaffolding

Scaffolding, a
Splint that
Surrounds the
Spire like a 
Satellite, for a
Stabilizing the
Structure while it
Strongly, then
Somewhat, then
Supports its
Successful restoration.
Surely we all need
Someone and 
Something to
See our cracks and weak
Spots and
Scale our
Souls to give us
Sustenance and the
Strength to carry on
So we might once again
Savor this 
Sweet and
Sloppy life.

Photo:  Hunterdon County Courthouse, Flemington, NJ.  4.13.23 by LA

One response to “National Poetry Month-Scaffolding”

  1. What a lovely comparison. Yes. I do believe I need a scaffolding these days to hold up all the things I’ve got to carry.


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