National Poetry Month: Camping

The roofnest opens
With the old familiar woosh!
Camping has begun.
                                                                  Time to unzip the windows,
                                                                   Air out the memory foam.
Turn our attention to the site,
Equipment everywhere,
Up it goes!
                                                                  Unload the carefully packed
                                                                   Bins, organized by purpose.
"I'm ready for s'mores!" I think,
But it was out loud.
"Me, too!" you exclaim.
                                                                    But not simply grahams for us,
                                                                    Chocolate covered biscuits!
We snap back to reality,
But only quickly...
Chef Boyardee now!
                                                                     We settle back into chairs,
                                                                     Gazing at the starry sky.
The fire crackles before us,
Shins burn with joy,
SpaghettiOs boil.
                                                                     Slower, quieter, peaceful,
                                                                     The simple pleasures in life.
The pups curl at our feet,
Also enjoying the simple pleasures
                                                                     Nature works her magic now,
                                                                     We feel such sweet abundance.

A renga poem where the first poet writes 3 lines in 17 syllables.  Then the second poet writes 2 lines containing 7 syllables per line.  By JMR and LAH

Photo:  High Point State Park, High Point, NJ.  6.4.21 by LA

One response to “National Poetry Month: Camping”

  1. What a lovely moment you captured here.

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