National Poetry Month: Words Matter

Words matter, so please be direct,
Words matter, they show your respect,
Your words have the power to hurt or to heal,
So please be mindful when you share how you feel.

Words matter, they're your responsibility,
They show your character, so take accountability,
Say what you mean and mean what you say,
Align words with actions, be dependable that way.

Words matter, they should come from your heart,
Knowing yourself is where you must start,
For if you are to be authentic and true,
Your words must convey the genuine you.

A Quatrain in aabb format

Photo:  Gift from Shannon, Flemington, NJ.  4.25.23

2 responses to “National Poetry Month: Words Matter”

  1. The poem is beautiful. I love the bracelet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Nicole! My friend knows me!


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