National Poetry Month: Embodiment, A Nonet

She had survived tragedy and loss,
And knew the time had come to thrive,
To return to her passion,
To become embodied.
The gown, the make-up,
The confidence!
Dance, Cindy!
Twirl and

This poem is dedicated to my friend and colleague, Cindy, who is my hero this year.  She started 2023 wanting to step out of her comfort zone and try something new.  She returned to the art she grew up with, but this time entered a "Dancing with the Stars" type competition for a local arts fundraiser.  She worked for months with a professional dancer, learning steps, refining movement, exercising and eating better on the side, and going to physical therapy to recover.  Last night her hard work, determination and radiant beauty shone for all present in the room who could not help but feel her contagious zeal and enthusiasm.  Her sons watched their mom become someone they had not known and her mom watched her daughter shine in the spotlight the way she always had for her.  Cindy is my April example of Embodiment.  I am so proud of her!!  

3 responses to “National Poetry Month: Embodiment, A Nonet”

  1. Love you so much! Sorry we couldn’t be there…. So much dancing talent in our blood! ❤️😘👯‍♀️

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