I am speech, that others might know what you stand for,
I am expression, that you might practice what resonates so deeply within you,
I am tolerance, that you might have an opinion that differs,
I am choice, that you might feel empowered to honor your needs,
I am voice, that you might cast your vote for what you value,
I am equality, that you might have every opportunity,
I am acceptance, that you might show up as you are, 
I am courage, that you might come to know all parts of yourself and love them,
I am empathy, that you might speak up for others,
I am gratitude, that you might appreciate those who fought for me,
I am humanity, that you might see our universal commonalities,
I am respect, that you might feel seen and heard,
I am witness, that you might feel known,
I am hope, that you might share me with everyone you meet,
I am Freedom.

2 responses to “Freedom”

  1. Loving your poems, you are killing it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nicole, you are so sweet! Thank you! I just can’t part with daily poems!!!


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