The bulk of it envelops you,
Settling heaviest upon your shoulders and back,
Pressing down on your chest,
It weighs you down.
But you are determined,
Determined to shed it,
To lighten your load.
Instead, you carry it,
Until it feels almost part of you,
A comfort in some strange way.
And then you add to it,
Taking from this, absorbing that.
Someone notices and shows concern,
But Denial responds for you,
"I'm fine.  Nothing to see here,"
The first crack comes.
Imperceptible at first.
No one notices, not even you,
But soon they criss cross your canvas,
Fissures that leak the stench,
Of your deepest shadows,
The parts you've held deep inside, so tightly,
Lest someone learn your secrets.
C-r-U-m-B-l-E, pieces separate and break away, until suddenly,
"I've been seen!
What now?
What next?
What do I do?"
Do you think maybe it's time,
That this is your sign,
To put.  it.  down.
That which was never yours to carry?

One response to “Release”

  1. I feel this in my soul Leigh Anne! Yes.

    Liked by 1 person

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