Mother’s Day

I’m feeling all the feels today

And can’t seem to find the words

I’ve written two pieces

That don’t convey

What is in my heart

And so I turn to images

That say what I cannot.

As the youngest, there aren’t many pictures of me as a child. As a woman who did not like to be photographed, there are even fewer of me with my mom. Missing her today, nearly 8 months after she passed. Not missing her HUGE lapels or my mini dress and short bangs!

My mom was the Baby Whisperer. All 11 grandchildren adored her. My middle daughter was overwhelmed by the crowd at our house on this day, and she took comfort in snuggling into my mom. She stuck like glue to her all afternoon!

Twenty years ago, my third daughter completed our family. My mom brought her proud sisters to the hospital a few hours after she was born. I mothered with such intention and thought, and still made all kinds of mistakes.

So grateful for this day to celebrate all the moms, stepmoms, grandmoms, aunt moms, dad moms, pet moms, foster moms, adoptive moms, chosen moms, single moms, grieving moms, estranged moms, and those missing their moms or longing to become moms.

4 responses to “Mother’s Day”

  1. I am sorry for your loss.
    Most of us are trying our best but still make mistakes because we are human. 3 gorgeous daughters!

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  2. Sending you more comfort, even though the day has passed, and we’ve already had this conversation. I know the grief lingers 💕

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    1. Thank you so much! ❤️

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