I Love a Good List!

The task as we entered writing class a few weeks ago was to write about our week. Loving organization in general and having a pretty logical mind, I immediately divided my paper into four quadrants with these labels: Navigating, Celebrating, Questioning, Challenging. I then dumped the contents of my swirling brain into neat lists.

Here are some samples from Navigating, things I was trying to figure out. Morning routine, testing schedule at work, strength training schedule, physical therapy and chiropractic appointments, and the over 50 pot belly I seem to be developing.

For my Celebrating list, I chose National Poetry month and my 30 entries in 30 days. I celebrated my girls’ loss in the semifinals that allowed them to come home for a few days (I’m not a terrible mom…they were happy, too!), trips to the dog parks, my new date and pumpkin recipe and my weekly soups, among others.

I was QUESTIONING what to plant this year and in which beds, what my summer plans will look like, how I will do traveling alone, why my puppy has become so naughty and how I can expand advertising for my writing class.

My CHALLENGES were designing new protocols for my classes for the fall, being at peace with giving up running due to injuries and what to get for graduation gifts, as well as some other obstacles.

What I cherished was how much I love to write. I love poems, small moments, memories, and yes, lists. When I shared in our circle, some members wrote down my categories. The part of me that loves organization smiled and was gratified. 🙂

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  1. I love this idea. Awesome.

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