The Power of Silence

At first there is no silence.
There are the thoughts,
Vicious in their whisperings,
Violent in their clutch,
Volatile in their effect,
Relentless, merciless.
Then there are the feelings...
Regret, shame, anger, indignation, 
Self recrimination, abandonment.
Where was the intuition?  The self trust?
There!  Do you see it?
It is there.  It was always there.
You KNEW it, you FELT it,
You just weren't ready to see it, to accept it.
Now you're ready.
Turn inward, 
Not to your friends,
Not to Google searches, 
Not to a podcast or magazine quiz.
Turn inward,
Get quiet,
Sit with your pain and discomfort.
Be silent.
You don't have to justify, explain,
Discuss, dissect, 
Argue, incriminate, plead or bargain.
Let the silence be your strength,
For Silence is Power.

Photo:  Cape May, New Jersey 12.8.18

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