Today I was mindful.
I slowed down,
I was observant,
Instead of operating on autopilot.
I put on lipstick
And realized I hadn't done this in 2.5 years!
(I wiped it off because it felt funny on my face!)
I filled my vitamin compartments,
Taking each jar from my cabinet
One at a time.
But this time slowly,
Thinking about why I've chosen each tablet,
What it does for me,
How it helps my body.
I unloaded the dishwasher.
My mind was tempted to jump to the day ahead of me.
But I hit pause.
As I removed each mug, plate and bowl,
I thought about its origin story.
Remember that trip I got this mug on?
Which pottery fair was that one from?
I ate my cereal,
But didn't open a magazine, to read like I usually do.
Instead I studied my spoon,
Noticed the different textures from the mix
I so carefully craft every week or so.
I tried to hold each spoonful on my tongue,
Trying to identify which box each grain came from.
Today I was mindful,
At least for my first hour of the day!

Photo:  Black Sea, Bulgaria, 4.20.22 by LA

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