Surrender to your anger now,
Bring it out and into the light,
There's no need to feel shame or fright,
Your body knows exactly how
To feel its force and feel its wow,
Don't contain it or push it down,
Go ahead and let your fists pound,
Feel out of control, but you're not,
Perhaps that's just what you were taught,
Catch and release it, safe and sound.

I created this for a writer in my class who wants to explore anger and loves the structure of the decima poem with 10 lines, 8 syllables per line and an abbaaccddc rhyming pattern.

5 responses to “Anger”

  1. Beautiful and powerful poem Leigh Anne! Wooooo! Let’s go decima poem 🙂

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    1. Ha ha! Thank you, Stacey! You taught me well!!


  2. An important message for women. We are taught from a young age to “be sweet.” I’d often to be sent to my room at the slightest hint of anger “until I could be more presentable.” Feeling our anger and teaching our children how to feel theirs is such important work.

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    1. So damaging to not be allowed to feel all our feelings. I had such shame tied to anger. Now I’m grateful for its message and can sit with it. I don’t believe in the notion of negative feelings. They all give us information.

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      1. Exactly! Feelings are input and we can use that to see what’s happening with us.

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